Monday, 2 March 2009

todays work out

Again.. I've been neglecting the fitness part!!
Today I did;

Clean and Press, 5 each arm
8.5kg 9.5kg 12kg 12kg 12kg 12kg

Tabata pushups, 8 rounds

Squats 5 each time
17kg 17kg 17kg 22kg 22kg 22kg

After the workout it was pretty much time for tea so we had some good vegan comfort food, biona lucky stars, tofu and vegetable stars, mildly curry flavoured yummy! With those we had some rice cooked in stock, garlic and a bay leaf then mixed with sauteed green peppers, celery, mushroom, jalopenos, peas and sweetcorn and some tomato puree, pretty tasty, ohh and a bit of tabasco for some extra bite. I also made some oven wedges no extra flavours on these just plain ol' salt 'n' vinegar. There is also some homemade ketchup (from Bryanna's blog) on my plate and I had some wholemeal bread for a chip 'n' star butty! Here's some close ups, just cause..


  1. That rice looks tasty. It all does.

  2. What a yummy plate-full of goodness! There is something wrong with your latest post, it won't let me post a comment for some reason. Anyway, sorry you had to go through all that hassle to get your money back and then they didn't even send you the full amount! That's terrible customer service.

    Thank you for your birthday wishes! I have added you to my goat-adoring cult! :)