Friday, 3 April 2009

Penne... vodka?

We had absolutely no idea what to have for tea tonight so I pulled out my copy of veganomicon and started flicking through, after several meal ideas we couldn't agree on we settled on trying the Penne Vodka. I've been wanting to try this for a while as I was interested to see how the almonds worked in the sauce. We only had one problem, no vodka... I've probably comitted some cooking blasphemy here but we went ahead anyway, it's unlikely I will ever have vodka in the house, neither of us like it or drink it so I figured it couldn't be bad without. It was really yummy! Since I'd already ignored the recipe and omitted the vodka we decided to ignore it a little more and add spinach and sweetcorn to get a bit more veg action into the tea! It was really good and reeeeaaally filling, we'll definately make this again!

This is the pasta we used, it's yummy and v. healthy!

I haven't done much baking lately :( I need some willing guinea pigs! I'm going to make Mike some truffles later that'll have to do for now!

I mentioned in my previous post about the 20 pull-up challenge and the 100 push up challenge, see links for more info. I'm starting the push ups tonight and I'm in week -2 of the pull-ups, the only thing I don't like about it is that it starts at -2, that's kind of annoying to have to start before week one! It would have been better to just add 2 weeks IMO, but that's just me being penickety! According to these websites I should be doing 100 push ups in 6 weeks and 20 pull-ups in 8!! I'll keep ya posted, I hope I get these results it does seem a bit optimistic but I'm gonna give it a go.

We've been having a back-off week this week to let our muscles recover, on Wednesday our workout consisted of 100 chair dips, 100 push ups (girly style on my knees!), 100 squats and 100 sit-ups.. doesn't sound too bad does it... it was!!! I'm still aching! I didn't even feel too bad when I'd finished but I woke up on Thursday sooo sore!

On Thursday I played badminton with Mike and my dad, they both always beat me but it's still fun, anyway this week I beat my dad, amazing lol I'm not sure if he was being kind though I told them not to let me win though, it's not so sweet that way hehe

Today, Friday I did the Randy Couture circuit I've mentioned before, I did it light and had 3.5 kg on each dumb bell as opposed to my usual 6kg so it gave me a light workout without stressing my muscles too much, my legs still hurt today and I'm hoping to go running tomorrow so I didn't want to burn out..


  1. Haha yay for being sore! It's a good hurt though isn't it?

    I bet the Penne Voldka-less tasted just as good ;)

  2. thank you for visiting my blog! you're a UK blogger AND a musician??? how have i not come across you before???? do you mind if i ask whereabouts in england you live?

  3. That sounds like a fun workout- but definitely challenging!

    Yummy pasta dish, I have been wanting to try that pasta for a while, I will pick some up next time that I'm in Tesco. Have you tried their mixed pulse spaghetti? That is tasty too and v healthy!

  4. Hi and thank you for following me on my blog! That's so cool that you're a fellow musician and food blogger! Your vegan baked goods look BEYOND AMAZING!! :) I think I was drooling over the pictures on my screen. ;-)

    I understand about taking time off to mostly play for yourself. I am so glad to be done with the pressures of school!

    What areas of musicology are the most interesting to you?

  5. I've never tried that recipe from VCon, but your pics are convincing me to make it soon!

    I wish I could send you some awesome nut butter. Is is illegal to send food overseas?

  6. I'm looking into the international shipping regulations to see about shipping. Trust me, it would be worth it! A swap sounds like fun :)

  7. Yummy looking plate of pasta.
    Ooo. A workout.
    Sounds fun!

  8. The pasta sounds delicious and healthy, and your plate is beautiful!

  9. Your pasta looks tasty. I haven't made that recipe from Vcon yet. I forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me that I need to give it a try!