Monday, 12 January 2009

First Post!

After being vegan for around 4 years I've only just discovered a love for vegan baking and I've been inspired by lots of the blogs I've seen. I live with my boyfriend, also vegan, our two guinea pigs, Gracie and Trudy and hamster called Missy, or full title Missy the ginger ninja, they called her that in the pet shop and we decided to keep it when we got her home. Gracie is the long haired piggy and the picture was taken on christmas morning with their presents, carots and a hay cookie! it doesn't take much to make those two happy. Missy is pictured testing a small piece of blueberry muffin cake which was the first thing I ever made and was made using a recipe from Fatfreevegan for berry spice muffins, at this time I did not own a muffin tin so cake it was!

That's a picture of me and Mike at Hebden Bridge a lovely scenic town in England with a very vegan friendly attitude, we stayed in a vegetarian B&B who catered for vegans and ate out with ease, we even saw a fish and chip shop which advertised vegan options in the window! Nowhere else in the UK have I seen anything like that unless the eatery was specifically vegan! I'm also going to blog about my fitness gains as well as post recipes and meal ideas. I'm intending to build strength mainly, I used to be able to do pull-ups and chin-ups and a really busy christmas, uni work and part time work schedule left my training at the bottom of my to-do list but I'm going to get back into it for the new year. I have less work commitments as the christmas rush is over so that just won't cut it as an excuse anymore!

Well I'll leave my little introduction for now next time I'll be back with food pics!


  1. I absolutely love that picture of Missy trying out the blueberry muffin cake - so adorable! And thanks for the heads-up about Hebden Bridge - always looking for vegan-friendly holiday spots!

  2. Thanks! she is a little cutie :)
    Definately try Hebden Bridge, it's really beautiful we love it there, hopefully we'll get to go again this year!

  3. Hey!
    Welcome to the blogoshere. That sounds like an ace place to go and visit, a chippy that does vegan options is AWESOME!!!
    I love Guinea Pigs and Hamsters too.

  4. Hi Laura!
    Welcome to the blogosphere! It's a very friendly place indeed~ I see you have met Treehugger and DJ already! >:o)
    Your litle family are adorable. And a vegan friendly chippy you say?!? I'm google mapping Hebden Bridge right now!!

  5. Hey! thanks for the welcoming :) I couldn't believe the chippy sign but there were so many other places to try so we never made it there, there was a great little organic cafe and another shop which sold vegan chocolate cherry crumble slices and caramel blueberry crumble slices - so, so nice!

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