Monday, 19 January 2009

Chocolate orange cake

I made the Chocolate Orange Cake from Fatfreevegan last week, I made a few minor alterations like using all wholemeal flour and alpro chocolate pudding instead of soy yoghurt, I also just added orange juice instead of the water as the first time I tried to make it I felt I wanted a more orangey kick! I really wanted to experiment with a frosting for the middle, I had some silken tofu in the fridge so I tried blending it with icing sugar and cocoa powder, it was horrible and too thin even if it tasted ok!!! What could I do to rescue my tofu? I added some arrowroot and put it in a pan to heat it to help thicken it for a start, while it was heating I had a good idea, why not add some chocolate in and make a sort of ganache but frosting ganache... I did this, about a third of a big bar, a little vanilla essence, orange zest and chilling time later and it was yummy! I would even serve this by itself, but not in a big portion cause it was very rich.

I then topped the cake with a glaze made from icing sugar, freshly squeezed orange juice and yes, more zest.. I really wanted the orange kick! This cake got 9/10 from my gran who is the best cook/baker ever! Even my mum who hates both chocolate cake and icing liked it, all in all, a big success with the family - who needs eggs and dairy with all these great vegan recipes available


  1. What a cake! I like using alpro chocolate pudding instead of yoghurt too (It's long-life so I always have it 'in stock'! Unlike plain soya yoghurt which I only buy to make korma and naan bread......).
    And using silken tofu~ I tried something similar for a black forest gateau (*fail*!). I have only had silken success in silken chocolate mousse pie (which is THE BEST!). Well done for rescuing it though, and turning it into something awesome!
    I'm not surprised that this cake was a hit with the omni family, it looks and sounds AMAZING!

  2. Hehe I have loads of it, it was on offer in Tescos so I bought about 10 4 packs, some choc some caramel, my bf thought I was nuts but they keep in date for ages so might as well get them cheap! I've not tried a silken tofu chocolate mousse pie but that sounds GOOD! I'm really wanting to make a chocolatey toffeeeyy cheesecake type concoction.. I've not quite figured out how yet though!
    I do love telling omnis they're eating tofu (after of course!!) my dad said he'd eat tofu every day if he could eat it like that lol

  3. Wow, Laura you really rescued that frosting! I haven't had any luck with silken tofu, everything turns out to be a disgusting greasy-tasting mess! But YOUR frosting looks absolutely delicious! The whole cake does!