Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Redwood co

is one company I will no longer be buying from. They make Cheatin' meats, VegiDeli, Cheezly and are behind the fabulous fudge company.

As always I bought a celebration roast for mine and Mike's christmas dinner, the date on it was til sometime in January so no worries about it going off right?? Wrong. It was mouldy before the christmas dinner so that threw a spanner in the works. I emailed the company on Jan 1st with pictures including the date on the packet, expecting at least a refund. The shop I bought it from were closed for refurb for a month over christmas so I couldn't take it back there and I wasn't keeping mouldy food in the fridge. I did not hear from redwoods.

2 weeks later I'm beginning to wonder why they haven't emailed me back so I send another, apparently the first never arrived.. that's a little odd, my email server confirms it was sent. After this I get asked my address, they will send a refund....

Fast forward another 2 weeks, the shop is back open so I mention it to someone who works there, he says he will ring them this is Feb 13th, I get an email back the same day, what is your address, we'll send you a refund.............. nothing arrives again!! On Monday I'm in the shop I bought it in again and Scott, the man who works in the shop enquires as to whether my refund has arrived, he says he will ring again, finally this morning my refund arrives. They have sent me a cheque for less than the celebration roast, I can't even be bothered to get the rest of the money off them. (they sell for £5.56 direct from them and they sent me a cheque for £5.00 what's that all about??)

Should it really be this much effort to get a refund for a faulty product. I really feel like they should have offered me more than the value of the product since they have messed me about so much, over 2 months and far too much effort to get that partial refund. I'm really fed up with this company. Thank goodness 'Frys' frozen vegetarian foods and Sheese cheese are far nicer than the Redwoods alternatives, I did enjoy buying their products fresh but I will not give them any more of my money. In a way it's good I have got so fed up with them because I hadn't tried the Frys veggie meats before so I didn't know I would actually prefer them, but still annoying!

Has anyone else had any problems with redwoods foods going off well before the date? It's the second time it's happened to me, a pack of chicken pieces went off well before the date but the shop I'd bought them from sorted that out for me so I didn't have to deal with all this time wasting!!

ETA, seems I'm not the only person who has had these problems, it seems to be their company policy to ignore complaints and hope they go away... scroll down about 2/3s of the page

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