Thursday, 5 February 2009

Some shopping

I've seen posts on other blogs where people post their weekly shop, I liked that idea so I'm going to show you some shopping I just bought. This is not my weekly shop (nowhere near enough vegetables) just a midweek top up!

I went to the mini chinese market, my local wholefoods/vegan shop, green grocers and the mini supermarket, basically the shops walking distance from my house.

Chinese market goodies
2 packets of tofu, firm
1 packet of silken tofu
mock duck
red curry paste (for Mike to try)
and mysterious dried gluten stuff.. more on that later!

Grain wholefoods goodies

Soyatoo squirty cream
Frys strips
Engevita nooch
maple pecan protein ball (a little treat for Mike)

Mini supermarket

Wholemeal bread

Green grocers
Raspberries (a bargainous 69p each!!)
Red grapes

Now then, this wheat gluten... does anyone have any ideas what to cook with it?! I know I have to rehydrate it and flavour it somehow... It looks kinda spongey wierd hehe, the ingredients are just gluten and water...


  1. Hey, I think we have the same exact electric kettle! We use it on the road! :)

    Great finds! I am clueless about the mysterious dried gluten stuff though.

  2. hehe cool, I can't remember where I got it now but it's served me well!

  3. Is that all the counter space you have? I've never felt like I was swimming in counter space --- until now!!! lol.

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