Monday, 23 February 2009

Lots of baking!

Wow it's been a long time since I got round to posting, I'm a bad blogger! I'm going to have to blame uni work and general tiredness! Here's lots of pics and a bonus pic of my beautiful hamster at the end to make up for it!

It was my mum and dad's birthday yesterday, they're both the same age, born on the same day, very odd coincidence.. We had tea at their house so I helped with the veg and my mum did their main meal, I also brought all the deserts. They request carrot cake, the apple spice caramel cupcakes from vcon and something chocolatey... I tried to make a carrot cake but for some reason it didn't work and wasn't cooked right so I decided to make the carrot cupcakes from VCTOW I did a lemony cream 'cheese' frosting to go on top... that's right, I had a full family of omnis eating vegan cheese!! I also decorated the carrot cupcakes with some marzipan carrots, my grandad loved them! For the something chocolatey I made the chewy chocolate raspberry cookies from vcon but I used ginger preserves and made them chocolate ginger cookies, my brother ate two before we even sat down to eat!

The spread at my house before I took it all round

Carrot cake cupcakes with lemony cream 'cheese' frosting and marzipan carrots!

this one looks like it has a smiley face!!

Caramel apple spice cupcakes
My mum didn't like the nuts on these last time so I roasted some cashews and brought them in a bag for people to put on if they wanted to

Chocolate ginger cookies

Bonus hamster pic!


  1. I love the marzipan carrots on top of the cupcakes! I love the cupcakes too (carrot cake is my favorite)

  2. OMG those cupcakes are beyond adorable! Especially the one with the smiley-faced carrot! :)

    Your hamster is such a cutie, I would love to see more pictures of him/her!

  3. Hey Laura! Thanks for alerting me to the fact that I didn't specify in my post about international readers. I changed my post now. You are DEFINITELY included :o)

  4. the carrot cake cupcakes looks sooo delicious. i have that cookbook but have never made that recipe and these pictures made me want to make them asap!

  5. Oh my gosh are those photos awesome!